The Discussion on the relation Between the Changes of Transfunctions with Time and the Seismoactivity near Hexibao

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    In this paper, relation between the transfunction at Hexibao and the seismoactivity of magnitude Ms above 4.0 within 200 km during the period from 1980 to April 1984 were analysed. The results suggested that the transfunction A generally be about 1.8 and B be 0.02 more of less during the period without earthquake. But before the earthquakes A decreases by about 0.05 and B increases by 0.1 more or less.
    Meanwhile it is pointed that there were seasonal changes in both A anb B at Hexibao. A is less in summer than in winter, but B is more in summer than in winter. It is more obvious after deducting seasonal changes from A and B respectively than that without deducting such changes.

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