Seismic Response of Subway Stations in Soft Soil Area

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    With the rapid growth of urban population in recent years,traffic problems have become increasingly serious.Subways offer an effective means for solve such issues.It is worth noting that many underground structures are located in seismically active areas;therefore,seismic design and reliable assessment of underground structures must be conducted. However,many studies on earthquakes have indicated that underground structures are not as safe once believed and can collapse under dynamic loadings such as earthquake loading.Therefore,seismic design and reliable assessment of underground structures has been an important subject;however,research on seismic areas of underground structure in our country is insufficient.Particularly in areas with soft soil,where the situation is more complex,it must be resolved that the underground structures affected by seismic wave are maintained as safe and reliable.Thus,it is necessary to study the analysis theory and design method of underground structures in the soft soil areas in Tianjin by combining by including underground engineering structure characteristics and soil conditions.According to the actual engineering conditions of the typical subway station structure in Tianjin metro line 3,a model for soft soil station structures has been developed by using ANSYS software.The numerical analysis on the dynamic responses of this model under dynamic loading,Tianjin seismic wave,Taft seismic wave,and artificial seismic wave were conducted.Under different loading conditions,the internal force and deformation of main component were analyzed,particularly for of the center pillar. The displacement amplitudes of this station structure under various seismic waves are approximate and can conform to the standard requirements.The maximums of amplitudes were also determined.The internal force under the Tianjin seismic wave is the maximum,and the seismic vulnerability is located in the bottom of middle column.Therefore,these research results can be used for the seismic design of subway station structures in the soft soil area of Tianjin.

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