Anti-seismic Measures for a Cross Structure between a RailwayTunnel and a Cross Passage under Strong Earthquakes

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    With the orthogonal structure between the main tunnel and a cross passage as the analytic target, a finite element analysis model was established by ABAQUS based on the engineering of the Yuelongmen railway tunnel in Maoxian county, Sichuan Province, China. Selecting El-Centro seismic wave data and applying the extended finite element theory, crack damage of the cross structure between the cross passage and main tunnel under the most severe earthquake conditions was studied. Seismic resistant measures of the shock absorption layer combined with a flexible joint are presented. Research and analytical results showed that the combination of a shock absorption layer and flexible connectors reduced and restrained the crack range of the cross structure tunnel under a strong earthquake. Installation of flexible connectors prevented the extension of longitudinal cracks. A circular flexible connector in the middle of the intersection completely prevented the formation of cracks in the arch of the intersection. Installation of a shock absorption layer between the initial support and secondary lining gave more deformation space to the lining. Also, the secondary lining was not readily affected by the initial support deformation and cracking.

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