Development Plan of Urban Emergency Shelters Based on ANP-SWOT Model——A Case Study of Lanzhou

1.Gansu Earthquake Administration;2.Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources,Chinese Academy of Sciences;3.Wuhan library,Chinese Academy of Sciences

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    Reasonable planning and construction of urban emergency shelters can improve the city’s resilience, enhance urban disaster toughness, reduce casualties and property losses caused by disasters. On the basis of a detailed investigation of the construction status of the emergency shelters in Lanzhou, the development plan was analyzed using the ANP-SWOT model. First, use SWOT analysis to determine the internal advantages and disadvantages, external opportunities and threats of Lanzhou emergency shelters. Then use ANP analysis to build the network hierarchy of emergency shelter development planning in Lanzhou, combined with expert consultation, through assignment and comparison analyze to determine the best development strategy. At last, the results showed that restrict the development of Lanzhou emergency shelters are uneven distribution, insufficient number, and the lack of a special emergency plan. And the best development strategy is to accelerate the standardization of emergency shelters in Lanzhou.

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  • Received:October 26,2021
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