The Inversion for Source Parameters and Site Effect in Midwest Area of Inner Mongolia

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    In this paper,the quality factor (Q) and the non-elasticity attenuation cofficient c(f) in Midwest area of Inner Mongolia are calculated using data of nine events recorded by 7 stations of hohhot digital seismic net based on genetic algorithm and Atkinson method. In the scope of studying frequency ,the correlation of the non-elastlcity cofficient c(f) and frequency f is not obvious,but the quality factor Q and frequency f have good linearity connection : Q( f)= 116. 8f^1.000 Meanwhile,the source parameters are inverted by using Moya toothed, and the relationships between the source parameters are discussed. The result shows that the correlation of the source parameters has good linerity connection . The site effects for seven stations are also obtained by GA and the Moya methods from nine earthquakes,the result shows there is the amplification at the rock sites in the whole frequency band. The principium and approach of the Atkinson and Moya methods are introduced in this paper.

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